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ROTOR360.exe for AZ mount

The free utility to manually de-rotate live astronomical cameras

Rotor360.exe is a program bundled with ROTOR 360

It does not require installation; it can be saved on your computer in any location.
It does not require uninstallation; just delete the program from the disk.
It does not save any data on the computer, it does not modify any registry, it does not
communicate any data
It is granted free of charge to all buyers of ROTOR 360

To use the program:
MOVE THE WINDOW until the FINDER is roughly positioned
on the bright star to be controlled for derotation
Normally a star is chosen near the edge, at the corner
With the - and + keys, enlarge or tighten the circle around the star
With the 4 cross keys, you can move the circle micrometrically in 4 directions.
Once the star is perfectly centered, click on "LOCK"
Press LOCK again to unlock
To close the program click on the X at the top right

The yellow viewfinder is visible only on the black background of the sky


v. 1.4 June 16, 2022

Download Rotor360.exe

Save the EXE in any folder

  after dowloading create a shortcut by right click
and select "Send to..." Desktop